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Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Precision has grown up in an environment constantly surrounded by music.


No stranger to high intensity performance, Precision has been a recurring competitor in the national piano circuit, annually performing 10 classical pieces by memory in front of a deep panel of veteran judges. Precision ultimately went on to receive the National Diploma of Music along with the coveted Paderewski Gold Medal: the highest honor awarded by the American Academy of Musicians for having been a national winner for 10 consecutive years.


When he’s not ripping DJ gigs with LSDJ and the AR Crew, Precision can be found in the studio designing filthy bass noises. Guaranteed to leave your face with a look of euphoric disgust, his surgical production techniques have granted him the release of 12 original dubstep tracks on iTunes & Spotify, upon which he is a verified artist, and have culminated in his 1st place win on Beatport’s international remix competition of Candyland’s “Not Coming Down”, which earned him the personal support of Axwell from the legendary group Swedish House Mafia. Currently, Precision is pumping out a batch of new original tracks, which have received personal support from big-name dubstep artists such as Nasko, Zetta, Bainbridge, and Pr1me. His newest track “Set You Free”, signed and released under Wicked Records, went trending on Soundcloud, reaching the front page of Soundcloud and landing the #14 spot on the streaming platform’s official playlist “New & Hot: Dubstep”.


Armed with his own exclusive edits of the biggest pop, rap, and throwback songs to date, Precision carries the toolset necessary to tear up any dance floor. After taking hold of Duke’s Greek Life scene and throwing down at leading venues such as Shooters II, The Fruit, and Duke’s infamously undisclosed party location nicknamed “The Barn”, he decided to join forces with LSDJ to help make AR Entertainment the unstoppable party train that it’s destined to become. The only Duke kid that UNC students don’t hate, Precision is proof to show that music truly brings all worlds together.

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