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Andrew Ryan


The A.R. in A.R. Entertainment, Drew is a Charlotte native who began playing drums in his teens and developed a lifelong passion for music and live production.

Years of experience with artists of all genre and caliber have given Drew a deep understanding of  the production world and a trusted opinion on concerts, special events, and the music business.


 An avid adventurer, when he's not on the road running sound or performing as LSDJ, Drew is probably riding his motorcycle or boating along the NC coast.


A.R. Entertainment provides He's Not Here with a reliable and professional source for event management and sound engineering resources.

What sets them apart is their creativity and unique perspective of the music scene and and what the audience is hoping to see and hear from live entertainment.

A.R. Entertainment's flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure you get the best production possible is reflective of the passion they show for the industry they are in. A one stop shop for live shows."


Fleming Fuller, Manager of He's Not Here



Drew is a musician first so he understands the needs of every band.  Him and Cam are always on time and there to the end of every gig to make sure its smooth and that everyone has a good time.


Its a pleasure to work with A.R. Entertainment because they have such passion about their work and you won't find anybody who works harder.  We are lucky to have hooked up with Drew and crew and appreciate all the great gigs they've gotten us and all the great sound they have provided for us. Can't say enough about this great company!"


Matty Russo, Lead Singer/Guitarist for Matty Begs

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