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Standard Packages

The standard tailgate, party, cocktail, or small stage speaker and lighting combo's to get the professional quality without major tech demands or budgets.
*Lighting packages pictured is event dependent but included in price.

Game Day Package

Game Day Package (Larger Band or Event)

  • Staging up to 8 Decks 

  • Lighting

    • 2 x 4Bars OR Gigbar’s OR Strips 

    • Movers package TBD

  • Sound

    • 4x18in QSC kw181 Subwoofers

    • 4x QSC Dual 15in kw153 Main PA OR KLA’s 

    • Monitor package up to 6 Monitors

    • Mic package

    • Digital mixer 

    • Sound engineer 

    • All power requirements, cables, clips, connections

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